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Play The Next Play Foundation

The Play The Next Play Foundation was created to raise support and awareness for our U.S. military service members and their families. Our mission is to provide crucial assistance directly to these families through grants of financial assistance, scholarship funds, and emotional support by connecting veterans and their families with athletes and support groups who recognize them for their sacrifice. Together helping veterans and their families Line up and Play The Next Play.

Scholarship awards:

Play The Next Play Scholarship Fund awards children of those who serve or have served in the U.S. Military. Those who meet the criteria can apply through the foundation’s scholarship program. The application period is January 1st to March 15th, 2021 for undergraduate scholarships.


Financial Assistance: 

Play The Next Play Foundation’s Financial Assistance Grant helps service members and their families who have run into financial struggles. This program provides financial aid to help with basic life needs in the form of a grant. No repayment required.

Possible Financial Assistance Grant needs:

  • Financial hardship due to deployment
  • Family support needs
  • If a service member or one of their family members is injured and/or ill they need financial support.
  • Psychological help and support for service members and/or their families

Each case will be reviewed for their own specific needs. Payments may be made directly to creditors based individual circumstances. The Play The Next Play Foundation reserves the right to make exceptions on a case by case basis.


Game Time Support:

The Play The Next Play Game Time Support Fund helps service members and their families stay connected during deployment. It supports service members and their families with care packages, Christmas and holidays support. It gives access to marital and family support groups. The fund also sponsors troop send-offs, homecomings, and get-togethers while they are away.




DISCLAIMER STATEMENT:  Play the Next Play Foundation ("PTNPF”) is operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players Philanthropy Fund (Federal Tax ID: 276601178), a Maryland charitable trust with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions to PTNPF are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.