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After my father died ten years ago my brother and I were going through some of his belongings from his time he spent with the Marines. We came across a journal he kept while he was in Vietnam and in the middle of his entries was a random drawing of a football play. My dad played football in college, for the Marine Corps, and had some sniffs from some professional teams. When I found the play it really made me realize how impactful sports can be. During the darkest of times it can bring people together and provide an escape for a while. Sports can bring hope and energy during times of struggle. My brother and I both played football and are now coaching football due largely in part to the impact it had on our lives and the lessons we learned. One of the largest lesson being; regardless of what happens, you get up, line up, and Play The Next Play. Now we using our dad's drawing as a flagship of purpose and hope for some of those who need it the most. Our US Veterans and their families.

Play The Next Play was created with a mission to build an impact-driven brand that raises support and awareness for the millions of our US Veterans and their families for life after the uniform comes off. Helping them get the support they need to be able to Line Up and Play The Next Play.


You can make an impact

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